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1. Download the application to register your team:

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2. Return completed application via:

Postal Mail:

HR Chamber of Commerce

Attn: Blue Ridge BBQ

800 Country Club Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22802



Attn: Blue Ridge BBQ



Applications are due no later than August 8, 2014 at 5 p.m.

2014 KCBS Rules and Regulations

2014 Results:
Grand Champion
Fred Vegas Smokers

Reserve Champion
Rocks Money Pit BBQ

People's Choice
Buckshot's BBQ
1st Place: Fred Vegas Smokers
2nd Place: Rocks Money Pit BBQ
3rd Place: Bam Bam's BBQ
4th Place: SSSmoking
5th Place: Buckshot's BBQ
Pork Ribs
1st Place: Grand Slam BBQ
2nd Place: DeGuello BBQ
3rd Place: Pop Pop's Chicken & Pig
4th Place: Fred Vegas Smokers
5th Place: Lil Will's Southern Que
1st Place: Pop Pop Chicken & Pig
2nd Place: Grand Slam BBQ
3rd Place: Rocks Money Pit BBQ
4th Place: Fred Vegas Smokers
5th Place: Buckshots BBQ
1st Place: Rocks Money Pit BBQ
2nd Place: Buckshot's BBQ
3rd Place: Fred Vegas Smokers
4th Place: Heavenly Hogs BBQ
5th Place: DeGuello BBQ